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Best Property 4 U Property Management Services offer a professional service for investors and tenants in South East Queensland.
We service property portfolios for members of the Property Club and also for private landlords, as well as assisting quality tenants find quality homes.
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  • “Hi Team, my Solicitor informed Settlement was completed successfully yesterday. Thanks so much for the support and excellent service you’ve provided in the past year. Though our work relationship hasn’t lasted very long, your professional attitude has created a deep impression. Cheers.” – Ann T – Brisbane QLD.
  • “My husband and I have had many property managers over the last 15 years, Best Properties 4 U has clearly been the best. Takes all the stress away from being a property owner. From very good tenants, keeping the property looking immaculate, having virtually no unrented periods, fabulous communication and always so pleasant! Sit back and watch your investment grow!”
    – Jennie Roberts – Brisbane QLD.
  • “We have never failed to recommend BP4U property managers when someone we know has a property management question or is looking for a property manager. We believe they are one of the best. This letter comes to you with great appreciation for all the efforts our property manager and her team have put forth to make our life “stress free” with the upkeep and rental of our property. We would like to thank her for spending valuable time and effort in ensuring her strict review process of finding only the best tenants has never wavered.”
  • “It is a pleasure to work with BP4U property management. They are quite professional and personable. I could not ask for more attention to detail and willingness to meet my needs for management. Deciding to rent the property that had been my home for so long was not an easy decision. I left my meeting with the property manager feeling quite secure in knowing that I was dealing with a knowledgeable and caring agent. My townhouse was rented within a week!”
  • “We have a rental unit on the Gold Coast. This was and I use this term loosely, managed by another Agent. The alarm bells first started ringing when we noticed no rental funds appearing in our bank account. We tried to contact our agent but we had no response from email, phone or text messages”.
  • “The issue with the tenants not paying rent was quickly attended to with the appropriate notices and termination of tenancy put in place. BP4U had organised a court hearing to have my tenants evicted and were successful. BP4U organised a minor clean up and proceeded to find great new tenants to move in a speedy time.”
  • “BP4U advised us well in advance of pending vacancies, updates of strategy and recommended pricing for the market conditions. I cannot speak highly enough of BP4U. The friendly can do attitude and extremely professional courteous manner sets them apart from the crowd. Any issue we have had since the nightmare handover has been dealt with in a prompt manner.”
  • “Even though I deal with predominantly one person, in her absence the wheels keep turning with the rest of the organization there to assist. I look forward to an ongoing relationship with BP4U and since there appointment my stress levels have lowered considerably.”
  • “I have never seen such a thorough entry notice report in all my time as a property investor. Well done, it’s much appreciated. I now have a much better idea about the condition of the house. The previous tenant was a nightmare and it looks like he got away with murder. There are a lot of items from this report that I could have brought to the attention of my insurer if my previous agent had made me fully aware of the extent of the damages”
  • “We have been looking for over a month and inspected about 50-60 properties and apart from the features of the property the main thing that pushed us towards applying for this unit was Mark Gay.
    I’m not sure if its just the fact that we are a young couple, but never through all our inspections have we been treated so well. Most the time we get very short answers and when asking about the market or information about the surrounding area we got a response like, “You can just google that” or “I don’t know you will have to look online”. Mark seemed to have all the answers and attempted to accommodate solutions to things he didn’t have answers for. Most others that were hosting inspections seemed abrupt and didn’t really make the place feel welcoming. Mark engaged in conversations and ensured that we understood the main features of the unit and the benefits of the location. Mark was also the only inspection host that notified us of other units that are on inspection after this one and provided directions to inspect those as well.
    I hope that this is passed on to him and is viewed by members of the team.
    Thank you, Mark, for making this an awesome experience.”

  • “Words are just not enough to express our gratitude to you for making this a smooth transition.”

  • “Mark routinely goes the “extra mile” to help my members and I am sure that he is only doing what he does each and every single day, as the norm.

    Mark has an exceptional level of customer service – he looks at his role with a member/customer focus rather than a Club process focus. That is why he is exceptional!

    He is an all-around nice bloke that does an excellent job for the Club and for our members. Happy, smiling and open.

    Well done Mark you are a legend”

    – Fred Zanette