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Best Property 4 U Property Management Services offers a superior professional service for investors and tenants in South East Queensland.

Our core business is derived from servicing property portfolios for members of Property Club, Best Property 4 U sources quality tenants for quality homes.

A local reliable team of property managers are on hand to assist both tenants and landlords. The team prides themselves on ensuring rent returns meet or achieve higher than current market conditions.

Best Property 4 U strives for zero vacancies by sourcing tenants from a wide pool and ensuring a quality tenant is matched to the property, which increases the likelihood of tenant retention.
Tenants enjoy living in carefully selected, thoroughly inspected residential property that has passed

Property Club’s strict criteria.
There is an ongoing commitment to Property Club members to secure tenants and ensure vacancy periods are minimised.

The benefits of Best Property 4 U managing your investment property include:

  • Qualified, experienced staff with ongoing training
  • Application of risk management
  • Extensive tenant screening to secure quality tenants
  • Regular inspections and follow up reports, including photos, for added peace of mind
  • Prompt collection of rental income to minimise arrears and maximise cash flow
  • Regular rent reviews to enhance returns
  • Timely mid-month and end-of-month payments and reporting
  • Compliance with appropriate legislation
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Access to all aspects of property investment, buying, building and financing
  • Communication turned around in 24 hours
  • One point of contact
  • Detailed Entry/Vacate Reports
  • Up-to-date technology – Ipads, Iphones

We can recommend the experience and support of the Property Club. The mission of the Property Club is to help the maximum number of people achieve financial freedom in the shortest time with minimal cash outlay.

The Property Club guides and assists members to become financially independent in the shortest possible time and with minimum cash outlay. We offer a comprehensive range of free services, enabling our members to understand how to safely build a property portfolio to achieve financial independence.

The Club regularly conducts free Property Investment Workshops throughout Australia and New Zealand. These meetings are an ideal way for interested people to learn how the Club operates and how it can benefit them.

All Club members are allocated a Property Mentor who can assist them with all aspects of property investment. Property Mentors are experienced investors who have previously purchased through the Club. They will help you make the most of your limited time and make your property investing relatively stress free.

Our Club’s qualified mortgage professionals will analyse your financial position and assess your borrowing capacity. This step is critical to your property investing. You will be allocated a login and password to access the Club’s property stock list. Your Property Mentor can also help you with property selection.


Our Services

BP4U are proud to deliver low property management fees without discounting service and quality standards. A local reliable team of property managers are on hand to assist both tenants and landlords.

We strive for zero vacancies by sourcing tenants from a wide pool and ensuring a quality tenant is matched to the property, which increases the likelihood of tenant retention. Further, our team are always looking to the future to ensure down time between tenants is minimised through effective vacation processes and securing a new tenant promptly.

We manage all transactions including bond lodgement and return, minimising arrears, and payment of all expense accounts such as property repairs. Through providing regular statement to landlords we can demonstrate rental revenue at any point in time, and disperse rental payments efficiently.

We have a strong knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act and changes impacting on legislation updates, and lengthy experience in all matters arising from this legislation, which impact on landlords and tenants. Sadly some cases do end in dispute. In these instances BP4U can act as a representative at tribunal hearings.

Locations We Cover
Best Properties 4 U

Best Property 4 U is proud to deliver some of the lowest property management fees without discounting service and quality standards.

As specialist property managers, Best Property 4 U’s core focus is property management alone, unlike real estate agents.

They have access to a nationwide resource through Property Club’s Research department, and continually scrutinise investment returns, market demand and vacancy levels. This means they are able to provide members with accurate and up-to-date information on the market.

Calling on 20 years’ experience in investment property, they will help you maximise your cash-flow and avoid costly mistakes.

Service Guarantee:
Our service guarantee states that if at anytime you are unsatisfied with our service in the first 90 days, we will refund the management fees collected.

Services we do not charge for:

Best Property 4 U

Other Agencies

Postage and Petties $5.50 – $11.00
Tribunal fees $55-110 per hr
Lease renewal Half weeks rent
Routine Inspections $20-$30
Statements $5-25
Maintenance % of cost
Refurbishment Fee $1,500 or 3% of total cost
Travel and out of pocket expenses $ per km
Termination of management 30-50% of weekly rent
Tenancy preparation Fee $16.50+
Periodic inspection Fee $65
Lodgement of Landlord Insurance Claim $45
Pre-Inspection Fee prior to handover $110
Owner FAQ
Owners must hold a current public liability insurance policy for their investment properties. Most landlord insurances will have additional cover that is tailored to Investors needs.

Our managers will advise you on how to achieve the best return for your property, substantiated by their knowledge of the market and comparative rental property. You may also like to review the latest Queensland median rentals on the RTA’s website www.rta.gov.au or compare with similar properties on Real Estate.com

We have access to a nationwide resource through Property Club’s, Research Department, and we continually scrutinise investment returns, market demand and vacancy levels. This means that we are able to provide you with accurate and up to date information on the market.

If you have submitted an IVNF Agreement and your management agreement allows this to occur then Property Club engage several agents to source the best tenants quickly and for the optimum rental. By doing this, Property Club are able to keep vacancy rates low whereas Real Estate Agents on their own can only use their own agency to find tenants, increasing the likelihood of vacancies and down time between tenants. What is the cost different to investors?
We outsource maintenance requirement to skilled professionals and can call on more supplier. Our experienced team reviews all quotes to ensure suitable costing and appropriate works are being conducted.

If the tenant has not paid the full rent amount due on a particular day as agreed under the terms of the tenancy agreement, and that amount has remained unpaid for a period of at least 7 days, a ‘Notice to Remedy Breach’ (Rent Arrears) may be given.

If the tenant doesn’t pay the rent within 7 days, we can give them a ‘Notice to Leave’ (Form 12), which requires us to provide at least 7 days notice to leave. The tenant then needs to move out within these 7 days, or pay the rent and ask if they can stay.

If the tenant still remains unpaid and the tenant has not vacated then it will be lodged with the Small Claims Tribunal (Warrant of Possession).

If the tenant breaches their agreement we can give them a ‘Notice to Remedy Breach’ (Form 11), explaining what they have done and giving them seven (7) days to fix the problem. If they don’t rectify the problem, we can either give the tenant a ‘Notice to Leave’ (Form 12), which requires us to provide 14 days notice to leave. We will communicate with you through the process if this occurs and agree the best action based on our experience.
Yes, we are happy to assist you to obtain the best rental and engage agents to source a suitable tenant who will be able to sustain the rental and look after your property.


  • Roughly 50% of tenants have a pet of some kind. Denying pets reduces your pool of potential renters.
  • Pet owners are normally required to provide additional security deposits.
  • Pet owners may stay longer as other property available to them is limited.
  • Two or more pets can actually be better than one – they provide companionship for each other and are less likely to cause damage due to boredom or anxiety.


  • Pets create odour and can cause damage if not properly supervised by their owners.
  • Items such as carpet require more frequent replacement in pet friendly properties.
  • It can be difficult to obtain reliable references on pets from former landlords.
  • Pet damages sometimes exceed the amount of deposits.

Each case is different and comes with its own set of risk vs. reward considerations. The following are some factors to consider in making your decision:

  • Have pets previously been in the property?
  • Does the property have older carpet?
  • Future tenants may have allergies that might be aggravated by pet odour/dander.
  • Would allowing pets provide significant reduction in projected market times?

If you do allow pets, we will ask the tenant to complete a pet reference form for you to approve. Generally we encourage owners to allow small pet’s. Pets are increasingly being seen as providing emotional companionship to their owners and refusing a tenancy on this basis may be discriminatory.